83 South Main Street Sayville, New York 11782


     Gail Harper has been a portrait painter for 40 years plus. With portraits acclaimed nationally and internationally as well as excelling in the skill of achieving likeness for famous musicians such as Frank Sinatra, to local heroes like town policemen.

    Gail has sold many paintings, displayed in homes and places of business across the United States, Canada and Europe.

    With much talent and years of artwork behind her, Gail is a rare find in her field of work, working in Old World style and guaranteeing heirloom permanence.

Collage of Sayville including boat, water, parade, school, statue, main street, train tracks, train, park, boat, and more.

Illustration  of  Sayville,  NY Cover of Dan’s Paper April of 2006

door, storefront, bike, path, sidewalk, mainstreet, sayville, south main street

The Studio

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